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SLAP tear

A SLAP tear is known to be an injury in the labrum region of the shoulder. The ring of cartilage that is present around the socket of the shoulder joint is known as labrum. To be precise, the labrum is present at the edge of the glenoid. Because of the labrum, the humerus head finds no hassle to fit into the glenoid cavity. When the cartilage is torn, it results in an excruciating pain and limits the movements as well. The tear occurs at the region where the cartilage attaches itself to the biceps tendon. The full form of SLAP tear is Superior Labral tear from Anterior to Posterior.

slap tear

What are the Causes of SLAP Tear?

The several reasons due to which a SLAP tear might occur are enlisted below:

  • Injury – One of the primary reasons that results in a SLAP tear is injury. When you fall or slip, you will automatically align your hands in an outstretched position so that you can prevent yourself from falling but that is exactly what results in a SLAP tear. This tear also results when you have a shoulder dislocation or undergo a car accident. The tear might also result by pulling something which is much greater than your own weight.
  • Overuse – The labrum can be torn when people tend to use their arm repeatedly in the same manner to do something and apply a vigorous force in doing so like throwing athletes like in Baseball players and swimmers and overhead athletes weightlifters.
  • Ageing – Ageing is another factor. When you turn to your 40s, most of the muscles and ligaments and cartilages have become tired doing their work over so many years. So even the slightest effort to do something with force might result in their tear.

What are the Symptoms of SLAP Tear?

The symptoms of SLAP tear are:

  • People often say that a SLAP tear doesn’t generate pain at all times but it causes pain when you try to do something using your arm. Any movement in the shoulder area will result in a pain.
  • You may feel as if your shoulder region is unstable.
  • There may feel loss of strength in your shoulder region.
  • Your shoulder range of motion will be reduced.
  • Athletes often find a reduced performance due to a decreased strength in their shoulders.
  • A popping or grinding might be noticed in your shoulder region.

What are the Treatment Measures for SLAP Tear?

The various modes of treatment for SLAP Tear are:

  • Surgery is not recommended at once. The doctors will see your condition and if the injury is not acute then anti-inflammatory drugs along with considerable rest should be able to heal the area.
  • Arthoscopy is done if the injury is acute. A camera is inserted in the region through small incisions and then the labrum is repaired.
slap tear

You will get the best assistance at our clinic if you have a SLAP tear. We will ensure that you can recover within a minimum span of time.




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