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Latarjet is a procedure which is used to treat recurrent instability (dislocation) of shoulder and give them back their lost stability. The procedure’s origin lies in France. The low complication rate and a much higher success rate has led to most doctors going for a Latarjet procedure when they can to fix the shoulders.

What is the Laterjet?

The French surgeons were the first ones to come up with a procedure , which is called Latarjet, and this happened approximately 50 years ago. In this surgery, a bone graft is taken from the coracoid or the shoulder blade and then the graft is attached to the front portion of the shoulder. Screws are used to attach this graft.

What is the Working Procedure of Latarjet?

If your previous shoulder dislocation repair or your Bankart repair failed earlier, then the Latarjet comes of great use as it is perfect for those failed shoulders. If you are determined to play your favorite game despite the injury, then a Latarjet procedure may be a good start.


Since latarjet is a surgical procedure that is being operated on patients who suffer from recurrent shoulder dislocation, the procedure, naturally serves to address this specific problem.


In the latarjet surgical procedure, a section of the coracoid process and the muscles attached to it are removed and transferred to the front of the glenoid. This particular step allows the coracoid to act as a bone block and thus, combined with the muscle being transferred acting as a strut, the whole mechanism prevents any further dislocation of the shoulder joint. To understand it in simple terms, the latarjet procedure is a surgical a procedure where a piece of bone from another part of the shoulder is removed and attached to the front of the shoulder socket. The bone along with the muscles transferred, thus acts as a barrier and physically blocks the shoulder joint from slipping out of the socket, providing further support and preventing any dislocation in the future.


  • Latarjet procedure has been able to prevent recurrent anterior instability in almost 94 to 99% of the cases.
  • It has proved to be a stable alternative to Blankart Repair, and in patients with bone loss.
  • Studies have shown that Latarjet procedure produces improved results compared to other similar surgeries.

Latarjet shoulder reconstruction procedure is ideally suited for contact athletes, patients with shoulder laxity, failed previous reconstruction surgeries and significant bone damage.




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