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Arthroscopic Mossaic plasty (oats)

As you must already be knowing that cartilage is an important tissue in your body. Any problem to the cartilages can lead to massive problems. Cartilages are also of different types and the one of them is the one that helps cushioning between bones preventing them to grind against one another. But if these cartilages start wearing off, you will face some severe joint problems. Damage to the cartilages can occur due to various factors. Injuries and arthritis are some of the common reasons. A cartilage damage is quite a painful situation and a cartilage transfer surgery is often advised. Two types of procedures are included in cartilage transfer surgeries which are – mosaicplasty and OATS. Read on to find more about it.

What is Mosaicplasty?

When cartilages become degenerated and are left untreated leads to joint disability as well. But these cartilage lesions can be effectively treated and one such method of treatment is termed as mosaiplasty. The process is done by first harvesting cartilage and then transplanting them to the location where it is required.

The hyaline cartilage that is transferred has the capability to survive and a more durable surface is prepared by them in place of the tissue that would have been formed by the injured cartilage if had not been treated. The implants are transplanted in a mosaic-like pattern and hence the name mosaicplasty. The implants are more like plugs of cartilage and when many plugs are transplanted onto the injured site, the mosaic pattern comes into view. The transplantation procedure takes place in this pattern for the effective management of defects that range from small to medium size in nature. When done with the help of an arthroscope, mosaicplasty can give very good and perfect results. The treatment procedure was first devised in the 1990s and since then it has proved to be quite a good one.

What is OATS?

The full form of OATS is Osteochondral Allograft Transfer System. The process aims to replace the injured or damaged cartilage in your knee. These cartilages are replaced by cartilage taken from the donor site. The procedure will give you relief from the excruciating pain and also enable you to practice your freedom of movement. OATS is typically a special type of mosaicplasty. In the OATS procedure, the damaged cartilages are replaced by grafts from the donor site. But the donor site is not located in the patient’s body as allograft means taking the cartilage from a different individual as the donor. Incisions are made after giving anesthesia and arthroscope is inserted through one of the incisions. The plugs are inserted into the area with the help of another incision. The arthroscope helps in proper placing of these grafts. Once they are in place, the incisions are sutured.

The mosaicplasty and OATS is helpful for those who have small regions of cartilage damage. A physical therapy program will be advised to you by the doctors for quick recovery.




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