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Arthroscopic Bankart repair

If you have encountered a severe accident and in the process have hurt your shoulders, then there might be a tear in your ligaments or a possible dislocation of the joint both of which leads to an instability in the shoulder joint. An arthroscopic bankart repair surgery aims at restoring the lost stability of your shoulder joints.

Please refer to ”Shoulder Dislocation” also to understand causes, symtoms, prevention and prognosis of shoulder dislocation

What is an Arthroscopic Bankart Repair Surgery?

The arthroscopic bankart repair surgery is for means for the treatment of a bankart lesion. If you are not aware of what a bankart lesion is then read on and you will come to know about it. The glenoid cavity of the shoulder houses the ball or head of the humerus. This forms the ball and socket joint of the shoulder and this joint is responsible for the stability in the shoulder. But the ligaments and the glenoid labrum that is responsible for supporting the structure may be torn down when you meet with an accident leading to shoulder dislocation. So here lies the goal of the arthroscopic bankart repair surgery. The surgery reattaches the ligaments and the labrum so that the joint is made stable and you get back the stability in movement.

bankart lesion

When Do You Need an Arthroscopic Bankart Repair Surgery?

If you are confused regarding whether an arthroscopic bankart repair surgery is necessary for you or not, then at first you should consult with our doctors at the clinic. But, in general there are certain symptoms which will tell you that you need a bankart repair surgery. Some of these symptoms are listed below:

  • A severe and excruciating pain in the shoulder
  • Consecutive and repeated events in which you feel your shoulder is giving out while you are in the middle of an activity
  • Repeated instances of shoulder dislocations
  • A feeling in the shoulder region that it has become loose of the joint is slipping out

You should try out the arthroscopic bankart surgery for your problem if you have already tried all the non-surgical modes of treatment and yet received no results.

What is the Procedure of an Arthroscopic Bankart Repair Surgery?

The steps of an arthroscopic bankart repair surgery are enumerated below:

  • At first, an anesthesia will be administered to the patient so that no discomfort is felt during the course of the surgery.
  • Then, the surgeon will make incisions of small size both on the anterior and posterior side of your shoulder.
  • An arthroscope is inserted through one of the small incisions and this device will help you to visualize the structures present inside on a screen present inside the room.
  • The detached labrum is held in place and small holes are drilled near it.
  • Then the labrum is sutured in position and attached to the glenoid again to restore the stability to the joint.
  • Once the ligaments are all restored back in position, the incisions are sutured.

Post operative Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Regaining your initial movement and freedom of motion will take time and for that special physical therapy and rehabilitation program will be prescribed by the doctors.




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