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Arthroscopic PCL reconstruction

If you have torn your PCL or posterior cruciate ligament, which is present in the knee, either partially or completely, then you must consider undergoing the arthroscopic PCL reconstruction.

What is Arthroscopic PCL Reconstruction?

The PCL is one of the two major ligaments of the body. The exact position of this ligament is in the knee. Your back and forth movement is controlled by this ligament. From a direct impact on the knee to sports injuries, everything can lead to a tear in the PCL. But like everything else, even a torn PCL has a cure and that is an arthroscopic PCL reconstruction. But you should not wait for the surgery at once but you should also try out the non-surgical methods first and see if they work. The minor or partial injuries can be effectively treated with the help of medicines and physiotherapy. But if the injury is severe and complete, there might arise a need to remove the torn ligaments and replace it with a graft where a new ligament will form.


PCL Tear


PCL Reconstruction

What Happens in an Arthroscopic PCL Reconstruction?

The procedural steps of an arthroscopic PCL reconstruction surgery is enumerated below:

  • Usually, the patient is given a Spinal/general anesthetic which means that the patient will be put to sleep during the entire duration of the operation.
  • The technique of keyhole surgery is implemented in performing an arthroscopic ACL reconstruction.
  • After the anesthesia is administered to the patient, he or she is made to undergo several incisions through which an arthroscope in inserted. Then the torn portions of the ligaments are taken out and a graft will be put in its place. Grafts are usually taken from three important sources. One of them is from hamstrings of the patient’s own body, the other one is the use of artificial sources, while you can also use your grafts from a deceased body.
  • If you have experienced some other injury in your joint area then it can be restored back to its original position within that period of time.
  • Once your surgery is completed, you will be asked to give complete rest to the joint which means you will have to stay in bed rest for a few days.
  • A brace will be advised to you to restore the stability in your knee region.

If you are thinking that instead of going into all this, you can simply sew up your wound together, then you are completely wrong as ligaments cannot be restored in that manner. Arthroscopy is one of the most recommended surgeries in the world now. They are the least invasive. The surgery involves minimum pain for the patient. You will have a much quicker recovery time than usual.




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